Date: 4th August 2017 at 6:34pm
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Following on from the news that the Football Association would look at retrospective action for diving this season, the all important panel responsible for reviewing footage after each match day has now been named.

A three person panel will be chosen each week from a pool of 13 former players, managers and match officials and will review footage of a Monday to look for match effecting incidents of diving or feigning injury where the clear aim was to gain an advantage through an act of deception.

Players unanimously found guilty will be banned in future, but this will only occur in cases where the offending player’s team were awarded a penalty or saw the opponent sent off.

Yellow cards or red cards will be automatically rescinded in such circumstances.

The exact wording from the FA is ‘successful deception of a match official’ and applies to the following cases.

…the offending player`s team has been:-
awarded a penalty; and/or
an opposing player has been sent-off where the act of simulation and/or feigning injury led to a straight red card or caused one of the two cautions that led to the dismissal.

The panel pool are:

Former Players/Managers:

Nigel Adkins
Rachel Brown-Finnis
Terry Butcher
Lee Dixon
Alex McLeish
Danny Murphy
Chris Powell
Trevor Sinclair

Former match officials:

Keren Barratt
Steve Dunn
Mike Mullarkey
Alan Wiley
Eddie Wolstenhome

They will only review footage where there is an obvious case to answer and given any conflicts of interests, clubs played for or managed will be factored into which pool member gets the call.

With a number of pundits on the panel, it’ll be interesting to watch post match comments for indications.


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  • Einstein had a theory,he was a very wise man,what goes up must come down,he understood the effects of gravity.I doubt however that he thought his theory of gravity would have such a schocking impact on professional football players,are they under increased gravity once they step onto a football pitch for it’s effects appear to effect some players than others,it’s force seems to cause them to fall whilst on the other hand they can remain upright when off the field of play.
    Being serious these guidelines are a step in the right direction,hopefully it will help to rid us of unfair advantage,especially diving,players will be more wary and that has to be a good thing,cheating in the game should not be acceptable and I am glad that steps are being taken.

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