A new dawn on the horizon at Blackpool

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Written by JonP

After last weeks news that Blackpool Football Club and Segesta (Blackpool Football Club Properties) had been put into receivership during the latest of the High Court battles between Belokon and Oyston, Blackpool as a town has been at an all-time high as fans await their long-awaited return to Bloomfield Road.

Many Blackpool fans will agree that the past few years have been hard to say the least as the NAPM protests we held to enable Blackpool fans to get their club back. Football fans don’t take it lightly to have to stay away from their own team for years, and boycotts like at Blackpool haven’t been seen much in football, as fans stand against their owners. And the awaited return to watch the team at Bloomfield Road doesn’t look to be long away now….

In the latest development, the receivership was ratified thy the High Court on Wednesday, which allows the receivers to take control at Bloomfield Road effectively ending Oyston ownership of Blackpool. Cooper and his team were due to move into Bloomfield Road and start their work next week, however in a late change of plan as reported in Blackpool Gazette, went in from today to start their work.

However, Blackpool fans wanting to suspend the NAPM protests will have to wait slightly longer as full financial control at Blackpool will not be until after this weekends match against Oxford United.

It’s fair to say that exciting and good tikes may be coming back to Blackpool, but in the interim, there will be uncertainty as the club is sold to a new owner.

On the pitch there is certainly a team to be proud of as Blackpool stand just outside the play-off places in League One, however the league position is a scenario yet to be seen, as with EFL rules receivership is classed as an insolvency event and could now cost Blackpool 12 points effectively putting them into a relegation battle. Can the EFL use some discretion with the points deduction? Or will the pints be deducted at the board meeting in March?

Apart from the 12 point deduction, which many fans think is a small price to pay to get back watching their team, there is a buzz around Blackpool at the minute, since last weeks news, and it won’t be long until Bloomfield Road will be back full again.

Here’s to a bright future with the Tangerine Army!

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