Date: 26th August 2006 at 6:58pm
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Going to the game today I really did expect a victory, not hope for, I expected. I’m not really sure why this was so, as you should never expect anything from the ‘pool, apart from the unexpected!

Wasn’t a thriller today, but we did get a point against a fairly decent Gillingham team who had a good back line, with Brent Sancho and former Clampet Ian Cox. Michael Flynn and Andrew Crofts were exeptional in the middle of the park, with Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu (the PA announcer didn’t do a bad job prenouncing his name!) and Matt Jarvis supplying decent fire power up top.

Blackpool looked OK, not brilliant, but OK. We looked steady at times at the back, but only at times. Michael Jackson is clearly there for his organisation, and I’m sure he’s mighty glad he has that skill, otherwise he’d be nowhere near the first team! A plus was watching Danny Coid start a match for the first time in a while. He did, like the team, OK. That’s what it was like today. You cannot say the team played poorly, because they didn’t, but they didn’t really play that well. The midfield looked all over the place for a time. Larry continues to tell Forbes and Hoolahan to switch wings, which in turn leaves the midfield confused until the shape is restored -which is often too late, as the opponents today showed as the broke on the attack whilst the ‘tactical switch’ was being put into force. Vernon again looked far superior to the Scott Vernon of 05/06, winning balls in the air and having a great contribution in the build up play, which he lacked last year. After seeing Andy Morrell twice now (which isn’t enough to judge a player, but I will do anyway!) I am not convinced with him. He does work hard, I’ll give him that, and he works hard well. He doesn’t seem to have that striking instinct. All of his shots or efforts are weak or mis-hit. I’m not so sure about him. Hopefully there will be another striker arriving at Bloomers this coming week.

Onto the match action. Gillingham went ahead very early in the 3rd minute, through Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu. This was a horrific goal to give away. First of all, Danny Coid wasn’t quick enough to shut the winger down as he paraded forward. Shaun Barker was nowhere to be seen at Right Back either. The ball was finally recovered by the defence, only for Michael Jackson to pass back to Ndumbu-Nsungu to poke home.

Our goal, coming after 35 minutes was excellent. Wes Hoolahan worked superbly well down the left, crossing the ball well under pressure, albeit behind Scott Vernon, but SS (Super Scott) cranked his head back and planted his header inch perfectly into the corner. That’s how it stayed, 1-1.

The second half was huff and puff on our part. We had alot of the ball, knocked it about for 25 minutes very comfortably but lacked any penetration. Keigan Parker and Marcus Bean came on after an hour for Andy Morrell and skipper Jackson, neither did anything in all honesty, although Bean came close from 20 yards. When Wes Hoolahan came off on 70, we looked abject there-after. Nothing was created, it was a backs to the walls job in the end with an occasional break. Hoolahan looked to tweak his hamstring.

Player Ratings

Rhys Evans – 7
Nothing to do.

Shaun Barker – 7
Isn’t a Right Back for me. Did OK considering.

Danny Coid – 7
Good come back.

Michael Jackson – 7
Partly at fault for the goal. Evatt and Barker in the centre next week please!

Ian Evatt – 7
Wasn’t at his best, but won a fair amount in the air.

Simon Gillett – 8
Excellant game. Looks to be a good signing. Ran hard.

Keith Southern – 7
A few slack passes, but he did well.

Wes Hoolahan – 9

Adrian Forbes – 7
Poor by his standards. Still gave 100% though, that’s all you can ask for.

Scott Vernon – 8
Completely different player!

Andy Morrell – 7
Good work-rate. Poor finish in front of goal. Had the chance of the second half.


6 Replies to “A Win At Home Please”

  • it was not to bad, until larry changed it. parker must be wearing boots without studs, he seems to either give up or fall over, when he got booked you could tell the ref had heared of his reputation for falling over, the ref could not wait to book him. all in all it was a point, but i still think an established striker is required, onward and upwords com’on the pool

  • Yep same as OWL, going well till the change then well say no more lets hope someone does come in for Parker we may get something for him before nobody wants him. We need a striker or two as a mater of urgency NOW.. Or this is going to be another season of gloom, weve got the making of an excellent Team just missing the finish. Vernon cannot do it all.

  • Sancho’s Trinidadian, by the way…

    All reports I’ve heard have had our keeper and Pouton as our best players. In all honesty, if you think Crofts is any good then please use some of your Latvian cash to get that waste of wages off our books. And likewise Cox as well. Hopeless imbeciles, the pair of them.

  • Well at least we have finally scored a League goal at home and also got our first League Home point!! So that is something!! Get Jorgensen in this week and 2/3 others and we will be ok.

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