Date: 24th January 2011 at 3:14pm
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In a development to this afternoon’s breaking news that Blackpool captain Charlie Adam has handed in a transfer request, ‘Pool manager Ian Holloway has stated in a lengthy press conference that the request has been rejected and that the Seasiders will not sell the Scottish international midfielder unless the clubs pursuing him vastly improve their offers for the player.

Aston Villa, Birmingham and Liverpool have all had bids rejected for the player, but it was Liverpool’s interest that sparked Adam’s transfer request.

Holloway also stated that Adam will play against Manchester United tomorrow, although it will be interesting to see if he retains the captaincy.

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12 Replies to “Adam Transfer Request Rejected”

  • ahhhh, wheres nunu with his big mouth now the pratt. YOUR GOING DOWNNNNNNNNNNNN. and im bloody glad

  • Respect blackpool for being strong on the situation…Dont respect Holloway saying that villa have gone about the bid the wrong way when ‘infact’ all we did was tell your chairman we are interested and put a bid in but he had to embarrass himself and go to the media of his own back to bad mouth houllier and the club. It’s clear he wants his name in the headlines and he does not care about adam or blackpool, just wants the media spotlight so he has to use other clubs bids and run to the media every time an offer comes in. Starting to get really embarrasing for the man now and i think charlie realises that.

  • Good on Olly wish the Burnley board backed managers as well as yours seems to do hope you guys keep him and stay up especially as it seems the nob enders are going down 🙂

  • Loyalty really doesnt exist in Football anymore. I thought Adam was going to stay until the end of the season. If Liverpool really wanted/needed him they’d stump up the cash in the summer, when you’d have to think £3-4m would be impossible for the Blackpool board and Olly to turn down. What could Olly do with £4.5m and having lost his key player at this stage in the season? Adam should have the sense to realise that if he stays and continues to play the way he has and help Blackpool stay up, with only 12 months left on his contract, every club after him now will still be sniffing around as well as a few more admirers.

  • well said, avfcwillis 10, u bitter cause he didnt want to come to villa…. seems that way…. and hang on… where are u in the table?? …. u had to buy bent to get ya out the *****….. even birmingham will be above u when they win there game in hand…..( much better team to be fair) u got a sore neck from looking up….. its a long way to the top!!!

  • your three points ahead of us and we will be level with you when we beat wigan tomorrow. i would bet ANY money that we will finish above you this season! if you look at the run in of games that we have they look very rosey. the point is that your best player wants to leave you and doesnt give a crap about you. and who says he doesnt want to come to villa? it may have been us that have been bidding more for all you no, bent handed in a transfer and it was all hush hush. maybe its the same here. saying all this i dont even want him, he gives the ball away in dangerous positions way too often and is hardly proven is he!

  • oh and btw, theres not one player in our starting line up that wouldnt walk into your first team and probably be your best player

  • yeah they all so good….. no wonder your so high up the table……. an if we win tomorrow we go 7th… and we will still have a game in hand over you….. , but we might lose and you might win 9-nil…. as thats what you need to go above us …. as your team of superstars have conceded a few…… the table and stats dont lie….. and our little 3 million quid team is above you….. u must be proud!!!

  • you no what i said is true, your over performing and we’re under performing. just remember, form is temporary. but class is permanent 😉

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