Date: 24th July 2014 at 9:47pm
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A Letter has today been revealed by Mail Online from Blackpool FC President Valeri Belokon, asking that Owen and Karl Oyston put the final Parachute Payments and Football League TV Money totalling around 12 million Pounds into a joint account in both names.

In the open letter sent to Blackpool FC Owner Owen and his son, Blackpool chairman Karl, he states his unhappiness tat Owen did not accept his offer to meet up to discuss the current poor situation at Pool.

Belokon would like the Oystons to use the money that is put into the joint account to use for sole football purposes. To bring back players like Charlie Adam who as purchased with Belokons money back in 2009.

It goes on to state that over 35 million pounds has been taken from Blackpool FC, and either paid out to Oyston or loaned through an interest free loan to Oyston based businesses, and also states his disapproval about the team build by Holloway being dismantled, and the club nearly facing relegation last season.

The full letter and article on Belokon can be found by clicking here and going though to MailOnline.