Date: 7th June 2015 at 6:47pm
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With season ticket prices announced for League One clubs in 2015-16, here’s how Blackpool rates alongside our league opposition following relegation from the Championship.

Finances obviously play a huge part in the modern game, and a season doesn’t pass now where their aren’t murmurings from the fans about prices, and Supporters’ groups talking about giving something back to the fans with the commercial opportunities and television money passed down through the levels – albeit the League One part of that pie is nothing compared to the riches available in the Premier League – and it is something that clubs often address now as they try and provide value for money whilst maintain the revenue fans do generate for them.

With incentives and ideas every year to help spread the cost of season tickets, make them more affordable or give them added value let’s see how we compare.

For the purposes of this, it’s a simple look at the cheapest available adult ticket for the coming campaign, not including the large use of early bird offers that reward fans with discounts for early committal to the season ticket package.

For 2015-16, and following relegation and a horrific league season in 2014-15, Blackpool have simplified season tickets and abolished the previous 16-18 category, with those still eligible for that bracket receiving a £50 gift voucher for merchandise or ticket office use.

We find ourselves as ninth cheapest in our drop to League One for the coming year with adults charged £295 in all areas.

Added to this, the club would no doubt point to fans gaining on the basis of inflation as whilst some clubs have frozen prices, others have reduced them overall, and others equally have announced rises.

Of course that doesn’t paint the entire picture, with tickets split between so many age range categories these days in general, but it’s only meant to be an indication.

Other clubs of course also offer early bird deals with fluctuating prices, or giving added extras to a season ticket purchase such as merchandise discounts, or even free match day programmes.

Of course season tickets do always offer some savings compared to match day tickets alone.

But fans might be interested in the prices charges by others in the league.

Some prices are renewals only, Family stands with fewer restraints or longer term deal offers.

Top to bottom, and high to low.

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