Date: 6th January 2017 at 11:06am
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Gary Bowyer doesn’t feel he can claim Blackpool aren’t a selling club as – like all others – substantial offers will have to be accepted.

However, despite admitting interest has been shown in Brad Potts – linked with Ipswich and Charlton – the Blackpool boss denied that he’s under pressure to sell players.

When asked specifically about the rumoured interest in Potts this is how Bowyer responded. He was quoted by the Blackpool Gazette.

‘Apparently so, although there`s been no formal bids or anything like that, just enquiries. He`s our player and he continues to be our player until that changes.’

On the selling club issue he added.

‘Who isn`t a selling club these days? But no, I`m not being made to sell. But if a substantial offer comes in to any club, and it`s from a higher league, it`s very difficult to keep hold of a player at any level.’

Bowyer cited deals in recent years where Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale left Manchester United and Tottenham – respectively – to join Real Madrid and how they couldn’t be prevented.

Therefore – if the offer is right – Bowyer went on to say he doesn’t think he’ll be able to prevent Potts from leaving Bloomfield Road.

‘Manchester United couldn`t stop Cristiano Ronaldo going to Real Madrid, Spurs couldn`t stop (Gareth) Bale. So with respect, me trying to stop Brad Potts going to a higher league might prove a bit difficult if – and it is an if – a bid comes in. I think it goes above managers although you might get a phone call from the manager of the team to tell you they`re going to put a bid in. But I don`t think that happens too much these days and it tends to happen above our heads at boardroom level.’

As far as arrivals are concerned Bowyer’s retained his views that if a player is better than those he already has he’ll be interested in doing a deal.

But finished by – probably unsurprisingly – making it pretty clear if any players did arrive a fee wouldn’t be involved so it would be a free transfer or a loan deal.

‘I`ve said all along, if a better player becomes available who we think can go straight into our team and can make us better, then we`ll be interested. At this moment there`s nothing concrete. We`ll be interested in players, but I didn`t say we`d be buying players. It`s got to be the right player and the right character.’

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