Date: 1st March 2015 at 9:28am
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Manager Lee Clark has increasingly come in for criticism following our performances and results this season, and he’s had enough of the baseless speculation thrown his way.

In quotes carried by the Blackpool Gazette ahead of the game this weekend against Wigan Athletic, Clark wanted fans to get off his back because he insists he’s doing his all to get us out of the hole that we are in.

With abuse arriving after the midweek loss to Brentford, he explained going into the weekend.

‘I can’t understand the fans’ frustrations with me, I’m not having it. Why a manager who is giving everything to try and change things and has got a team trying to play with a bit of fight is getting abuse I don’t know. There’s no facts behind the things people are saying, it’s not acceptable, not when I’m fighting to try and improve things. If that’s what will carry on then I have to keep fighting and get the points to change this.’

Clark goes on to say in relation to the continuing ‘puppet’ elements of the criticism, that he came here to do a job, help the club, not help Karl Oyston or do him a favour by doing the manager’s job in the way he wants it done.

He also categorically denied making a gesture to fans during the Blackburn game.

‘If people want to label me things then that’s fine. But if you’re going to shout at me offensively, don’t think I’m just going to ignore it. If people do, they need to back up what they are saying with facts. I read somewhere I’d made a gesture to fans at Blackburn, which is totally untrue. Have your opinions, that’s fine, but please deal in facts, I’m prepared to stick up for myself and face criticism.’

Finishing by saying that one thing he won’t put up with is people talking to him like he’s ‘something on the bottom of their shoe, I’m not going to let people accuse me of things that simply aren’t true.’

Adding that he and Oyston have had plenty of heated debates about things, but the right way of doing that is keeping them private, not turning it into a media war just so the fans he’s not under the thumb.

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