Date: 30th January 2015 at 6:08pm
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Manager Lee Clark has tried to clarify matters when it comes to on loan goalkeeper Joe Lewis and his mooted return to Cardiff City.

With speculation ranging from a financial clause if he played once more, to a financial clause if he played three games more even down to a permanent buy clause if he plays 40 times for us – I’m not sure anybody really knows what’s going on at the minute, but the gaffer has been quoted by the Blackpool Gazette and he’s tried to clarify matters somewhat.

With a bit of an edge to his voice, he said.

‘There seems to be a running theme at this football club that people think every time I make a decision the chairman has had something to do with it. There’s no issue if I want to bring Joe back into the team. I’ve never been told by the chairman or anyone that I wasn’t allowed to pick Joe Lewis, it was my opinion. I don’t know how many times I have to keep repeating myself.’

With the 27 year old being one of our top performers this season, sticking in Elliot Parrish was a decision that surprised many, but Clark went on to say that it’s not ideal having a keeper on loan because you have to have one eye to the future.

‘I haven’t had any indication from the chairman that Joe isn’t to play for financial reasons. I made a decision to leave Joe out and put Elliot in last week and I don’t think you could point the finger at Elliot. I can categorically deny what’s been said that it’s all to do with money, it isn’t in no way shape or form.’

Adding that of course the possibility of returning him was discussed because Lewis wasn’t happy about being left out given his performances for the side, but Clark would like to keep him on a permanent deal if he could and that’s something Joe is open to, so the implication is a loan return was talked about as a means of opening up a permanent deal.

But how that fits with an automatic buy clause on 40 games is anyone’s guess.

‘I think we’ve asked the question about terminating Joe’s loan, but it’s just because of our loan situation, nothing more sinister.’