Date: 7th February 2018 at 10:55pm
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The outcome of the latest hearing between Belokon and Blackpool owners the Oystons has rightly left some Blackpool fans worried about the future of Blackpool Football Club. Ex President Belokon has however released a statement through his representatives to reassure Blackpool fans that Blackpool Football Club will not be collateral damage in the court battle.

However could the statement be holding a hidden message from Belokon, who seems to suggest that he would like to return the club back to its former glory. In his statement Belokon stated

“The club has gone through a lot on and off the pitch in recent times. I have faith that the players and manager will continue working hard to produce a strong finish to the season and I hope that off the pitch a new chapter might begin soon that allows the Club to return to its former glory.”

There has been no secret over recent weeks that an unknown business man is fronting a big to take over Blackpool FC, with the Blackpool Gazette reporting on Saturday that an overseas businessman was backing a bid to takeover Blackpool, and would also like to work alongside Belokon and involve BST in the bid.

According to the plans laid out in the gazette, the businessman plans to reduce season tickets to £200 should his bid to takeover Blackpool be successful, and thinks that he could break even if Blackpool get 10,000 through the fates each week. But how easy could it be to get 10,000 people back through the doors at Bloomfield Road?

Although that many Blackpool fans will return if the club gets taken over, the 10,000 mark may not be achieved if League One or League Two football is being played at Bloomfield Road, however the strategy of reducing season tickets would see some fans who would normally be priced out of the game back into the ground.

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