Date: 18th January 2011 at 2:06pm
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Ian Holloway has categorically stated that November’s court case between Charlie Adam and Blackpool FC will have no bearing on the captain’s future.

Adam took the club to court last year over an issue with unpaid bonuses.

The 25-year-old had a ‘Championship status’ bonus of £20,000 owed to him because the club staved off relegation to League One.

That wasn’t paid, with the club acknowleding that promotion to the Premier League – and the reported £400,000 Adam received from that – superseded previous clauses.

In the end the midfielder won the case, but that won’t be a factor on his Bloomfield Road future as the Seasiders continue to knock back bids for their star man.

However, rumours are circulating within media circles that this could now become an issue with Adam wanting away. Something which is strongly denied by boss Ian Holloway.

‘Sometimes Karl (Oyston) doesn’t give a monkey’s about anybody when it comes to money but Charlie fought for what he felt was right,’ Ollie told the Blackpool Gazette.

‘I wasn’t going to get involved in that, I didn’t need to.

‘It worked itself out and I wasn’t going to lose Charlie over that because he loves playing for us.

‘He loves playing football the way I ask him to play, and if he was somewhere else the players on the end of those lovely passes he hits wouldn’t be much better than we’ve got – Taylor-Fletcher, DJ, Varney or Matty Phillips.’

Meanwhile, one of the players mentioned by the manager says it’s imperative Adam stays where he is.

Gary Taylor-Fletcher, who has scored twice in the past week, said: ‘Charlie is a massive player for us. When it isn’t going right he always tries to drag us through.

‘Everyone is still talking about us as little Blackpool, and with the players we’ve got and the way we are playing other clubs will no doubt be sniffing around our lads, so it is vital that we do keep our players.’

Striker DJ Campbell also fielded questions on the talisman’s situation, saying: “We’d all love to see him stay but there are other good players here – it’s not a one-man team. But we would love him to stay so that we can finish the job that we have started.

“Money isn’t everything, we have an environment here where everyone wants to come to work and be part of what we are doing here. We could make history.”


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  • really…. not so far this season they are not……. young is a great player….. but id rather have adam in my team than downing….. bents not kicked a ball for you yet , so dont get to cocky…. tell me how good they are in may!

  • revua…. well why woul you want him… you all keep saying he is not that good…….. i just cant see him coming in this window……..

  • the signing of Bent and Makoun really upset the apple cart, with regards to your lot giving us grief about not being a big club! bet your lookin forward to when your as **** as us, then you can put in a bid for Berbatov and Carrick!

  • yeah, yeah , yeah………….. cause ya might get a winners medal , 30yrs from now lol………… u can spend all ya like , u will still never win nowt……… im not saying we will , but you are big boy wannabes………. no one talks about villa but villa fans….. nothing is happening … you can open it when ya won something… until then ya just the same as everyone else……….. how many places above you is our 3 million pound squad… ha ha ha

  • Haha cant wait till end of the season when we have crushed the small part timers and this deluded jacpool is put back in his place. Next year we will see the fall of blackpool they cant even afford 1 of our reserves oh wait they took harewood haha HONK HONK!

  • ha ha … oh yes i remember , u just beat at reserves at villa park .. i was there , and yes u were lucky….. we dont want any of your first team , never mind your reserves…. they might want to come when your in the championship……….. u never know!!!!!!!!! are you a goose by the way???

  • What was the score? Who won? Yes thought so! Bitter! Bitter Bitter! We will see who is higher up come end of the season jacpool haha!

  • ha ha .. im not bitter ,, im not bothered about losing away from home……. how many you won on your travels…??? oh its not that many at home either is it lol………. ok… lets hope bent stays fit eh….. as he is your get out of jail man….. cause your side of overpaid superstars just not quite getting it right are they……. and it doessnt matter if you finish higher than us… so you should…. we have nothing to prove…… unlike you !

  • Think your missing the point when we have played all our youngsters this season you deluded child. I have no time talking to someone who’s club cant afford under soil heating haha.

  • Hey P.AvFC looks like you need a better pitch more than we do . you need something to make the pitch better cos its only got *****e on it at the moment! Ha HA

  • child…. what you on !…. we can afford it… do u not read the papers or watch sky…. we are one of the best run clubs in the country…. thats why you cant buy adam… cause we dont need your money… he would only embarress the rest of your average player…who think they are good….. on sky sports on sat .. they all said if they could have any season ticket in the prem they would have a blackpool one…. and thats because we play good exciting football…. not that boring crap you see everyweek….. oh well… good luck in the championship…… loser lol

  • LMAO as i said ‘child’…we shall see come end of the season jacpool and nunu? again arrogance and little knowledge from yourself, our groundsman has been voted best groundsman 3 years running, awkward haha!

  • get ya groundsman playing……. he prob be better at that to…… welll thats face it he coulnt do much worse!! and we will see at the end of the season…….. cause i think we will finish above you…… we i hope we do now ! keep dreaming wannbe top 4 club lol

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