Date: 9th November 2015 at 7:08pm
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A fan who was found to have defamed the Oyston family has been ordered to pay Owen and Karl Oyston £20,000 each, BBC News has revealed.

The long running saga involving 32 year-old David Ragozzino has now reached an end point as he was ordered to pay £40,000 in damages.

Mr Ragozzino made the claims against the Oyston’s which were ruled to be of a defamatory nature on fans sites and forums and Judge Stephen Davies said: ‘Both Owen Oyston and Karl Oyston are entitled to aggravated damages.’

In the Blackpool Gazette, it was revealed that Karl Oyston said in his witness statement that he was “deeply distressed and humiliated” by the allegations made by Mr Ragozzino.

The Oyston’s have come under scrutiny from supporters due to their decision to sue fans, with many feeling that it is the wrong thing to do.

With the relationship between fans and owners at an all time low and performances on the pitch starting to dip again, we could yet see further fan dissatisfaction in the coming months.