Date: 7th August 2015 at 10:18pm
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The newly named ‘Fans Progress Group’ has issued its first statement in an effort by the club to improve relations with the fans.

The group replaces the former Blackpool Supporters Association and has set a number of aims in improving the situation regarding the fans and the club.

In the Group’s official statement, they said: ‘As a group our aim is to move forward to improve the current relationship between the club and its supporters. We will do this by asking pertinent questions on the future of Blackpool FC including, but not exhausting, topics on the current agenda. We plan to try and improve fan involvement and understanding regarding both on and off field issues which may affect us all.’

‘We are a group of 12 die-hard Blackpool supporters, who are hurting as much as anyone after relegation and the situation the club finds itself in, but we are keen to do anything possible to improve that. This is an independent group, we shall not be influenced by Blackpool FC or any supporter groups, but acknowledge the support of the players on the pitch is paramount.’

The group has set targets such as improving the relationship with fans, improving PR and discussing the long term future of the club. The issues the group wants to discuss are obviously the main concerns the fans have about how the club is being run, however whether this group can really drastically improve things is questionable.

The club still isn’t allowing the Blackpool Gazette access into the club and Oyston has persisted to sue supporters, fixing these issues would be immediately obvious solutions in improving relations and improving PR. The club is clearly trying to put effort into improving things, but the question has to be asked as to whether this is going to be truly effective or whether Oyston just wants to be seen to be doing something.

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