Date: 25th August 2015 at 1:36pm
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Former Blackpool boss Ian Holloway has had his say on the situation at Blackpool at the moment and isn’t convinced the protests are working.

Talking to Sky Sports he said: ‘Every time a goal goes in the team’s body language drops. The crowd, even those turning up, are alienated against the owner. The whole thing is one of the saddest things I have ever seen in the game because I didn’t have that scenario. I was part of wonderful things and the crowd helped me win with the same bloke in charge.’

‘I don’t understand what on earth is going on but it is heartbreaking for the Blackpool supporters to see their club where they are at the moment. By them digging their heels in with him, though, I think it will make things worse.’

It’s a fair judgement that Oyston himself doesn’t respond well to protests, as we’ve seen already. However, us fans have to speak up and do something to contest the current situation as oppose to sitting by and letting the club fall. The protests aren’t what’s causing the team to perform poorly, but the debate only comes in when discussing how to protest.

The difference is that when Holloway was manager, he did receive some backing, largely thanks to Belokon, to sign the likes of Charlie Adam. The squad had some fantastic players in it back then and a great manager to get them winning football matches.

Since then investment in the team has been falling and the instability at the club, for example through the constant changing of managers, means the club has ended up in this dire situation.

He also added: ‘You have to have a reason as a player to want to go to a club and why would you want to go to Blackpool at the moment?’.

Sadly, you get the feeling that whilst things at the club remain the same, there won’t be much of a positive atmosphere to play in. There has to be some sort of big change for people to start loving their football again.