Date: 10th April 2015 at 2:40pm
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Trevor Sinclair has become the latest former Blackpool player to hit out at the club following our relegation into League 1, quite simply put he said that we’re ‘a laughing stock’ and it’s quite difficult to disagree with him isn’t it!

Much as he had said previously, when speaking to the Blackpool Gazette a while back, the man who now calls himself a Blackpool fan, it all started for him with the Seasiders before his Premier League and England days, has delivered a brutally honest message.

‘I live on the Fylde coast among the fans and to be quite honest this season has been a laughing stock, the club has been a laughing stock.

‘At the start of the season there was no recruitment going on, and people from within the club came out and said that it all broke down with Jose Riga, who was the manager then.

‘That’s no excuse.’

With us going through so many players this season, a large number of them not up to par anyway, this hasn’t helped but you’ve also got to look at the bigger picture and something that should have happened from our short spell in the Premier League.

We should have invested those riches into the infrastructure to better our facilities and leave a ‘Premier League legacy.’ It’s some 30-years ago when it all started for Sinclair with the club and he’s disgusted that little has change with facilities in all this time!

‘The investment in players has been poor. The facilities are nothing short of a disgrace.

‘I was at the club 30-years- ago and we had temporary buildings and it is still exactly the same as it was then.’

Why hasn’t this happened? Plenty have a view and opinion on this but I’d better not say anymore….

Talk is coming about that things are going to be happening with the training ground and this, that and the other but this should have been done long ago and the failure for this to have happened means that the likelihood is little will be done going forward, which as a result will make our bid to rebuild and grow again – something that’s going to be difficult enough as it is under the existing set up! – all the more difficult and Sinclair knows this too.

‘People talk about a legacy of being in the Premier League, surely something should have been put in place by now?

‘For the club, for the future, to bring players through and to attract better players. That is not going to happen with the training facilities they have.’

I think he’s said it all, and hit the nail very squarely on the head really hasn’t he!

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