Date: 31st December 2006 at 10:21am
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K Wright (Cambridgeshire) took charge of the game between Blackpool and Doncaster Rovers on Saturday at Bloomfield Road. The game ended 3-1 to the home side, but how did the man in black fare when our very own vital members rated him?

The Ratings:
Platos – 2
Pickering – 2.5
Jerry – 3
JCampbell – 3
Luke – 3
Toronto – 2
Essex – 3

All these scores added gives us 18.5, which, divided by 7 (the number of raters) equals 2.6. That gives us our first man in black rating.

K Wright – 2.6 / 5

New Years Day Referee

For the supporters traveling to Chesterfield on New Years Day, the referee might interest you. RJ Olivierhas been put in charge of the League One clash and never fails to create controversy. It was the same referee that allowed Swansea`s goal at the Liberty Stadium when Lee Trundle was offside and shielded the ball into the goal, stopping Peter Clarke from defending it.

Remember, if you are going to this match, be sure to rate the referee!


3 Replies to “Men In Black”

  • TP you’ve just put my hopes of a win tomorrow out of the window by telling us who the ref is.
    Mr O will make sure no doubt that it’s not a maximum return for us.

    Onwards + Upwards

  • Almost foprgot he did the Brighton 0-4 / 3 sendings off game a few years back too. God he really does hate us for some reason.

    Onwards + Upwards

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