Date: 11th May 2016 at 8:36pm
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Majority shareholder Owen Oyston has broken his silence to speak about the ‘murderous’ on field fortunes of Blackpool in the last few years and admitted the club ‘haven’t done a thing right’ for the last four years.

Rounding on the press and his and son Karl’s critics, the first interview in two years clearly acknowledges their own failings in bringing the club to this point and League Two.

The Blackpool Gazette to give his side of the story, Oyston explained that he was hurting as much, if not more than any fan – especially hating what the club has become.

‘It`s been terrible on the pitch in the last 18 months, murderous. I hate it more than any fan, I can tell you. It just seems that since we went back to Wembley for the second time and lost, we haven`t been able to do one thing right. It`s gone downhill on the pitch but we are restructuring. We`ve had the stuffing knocked out of us since then and we seem not to be able to make the right decision.’

Speaking of decisions he went on to say that they have certainly got managerial picks wrong.

‘We`ve certainly been wrong with the managers – they didn`t fit in. Picking certain managers were big mistakes but who`s to know these things in football? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We got it right until that point. To come from bankruptcy in 1987 to the Premier League was an amazing ride. The fans used to sing it was the best ride we`ve ever been on and it was.’

It is now of course successive relegations and three relegations in six seasons, and with many fans blaming the lack of investment in the club for that fall – and the withdrawal of funds following the season in the top flight – Oyston went on to say fans had it wrong on that front and it was the fault of the media reporting of his £11illion payment that was to blame, amongst other stories.

‘It`s a criticism which is totally unfounded. It`s the kind of media attacks we`ve had. The media never let the truth interfere with a good story. They don`t want the fans to think well of the football club. They want fans to attack the directors, that`s the way it is today. They have misled many of the fans with the statements they`ve made. It`s a pack of lies. The money did go back into the club and we have the asset base to prove it.’

He went on to say.

‘In the four years from the time we were in the Premier League, we spent £48m on players` wages and associated expenses. That`s an average of £12m a year. When we went into the Premier League, the promotion team cost £4.6m, the lowest figure anyone had ever achieved Premier League status with – so it`s not about throwing money at the football club. Many people think we`ve been asset-stripping and taking money out of the club – it`s absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who looks at our accounts will see the net asset value of the club has risen from minus when I took it over to today £38.7m at cost. It`s actually worth a lot more than that on the market value. Financially we`ve been a huge success.’

He also dismissed the line of thought that selling the club should be on the table as an option, because he wanted to see the club start getting it right again under him.

‘Obviously we are deeply unhappy about the quality of the football over the last 18 months or so. It`s our job now to make sure we get it right. We have tried to create a philosophy where we don`t have borrowings and the football club becomes self-sufficient. The football club has a big asset base now as that`s what we`ve created. Most of the younger fans won`t know about the background and what`s gone on.’

Others will know the numbers far greater than me, but fans aren’t interested in asset bases or balance sheets – the game is about 90 minutes and giving your all.

Will that be the focus next season?

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