Oyston Out in Boardroom Shakeup

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Written by JonP:

As Paul Cooper settles into Bloomfield Road there are understandably things that are going to have to change at Blackpool.

Monday brought the first major change, and the most awaited change at Bloomfield Road as a new board of directors were brought in to manage Blackpool Football Club and Blackpool Football Club Properties.

Blackpool Football Club Directors Owen Oyston and Natalie Christopher have both been removed from the Board and have been replaced by Ben Hatton, Ian Currie and Tim Fielding (Observational Role) have all been appointed to the Board to oversee Blackpool Football Club.

Owen Oyston has also been removed along with fellow director Clive Brooks from Blackpool Football Club Propertied Ltd which looks after the Stadium, Training Ground and Travelodge. Being replaced by Ben Hatton, Ian Currie and Michael Bolingbroke (Consultant to the Board).

The changes to the board of directors at Bloomfield Road have ended the Oyston family day to day running of Blackpool Football Club, and have put some valuable local input into the Board with both Tim Fielding and Ian Currie having long affiliations with Blackpool Football Club.

The news of changes have been met by excitement from Blackpool supporters, that have been protesting for around 5 years for this change to take effect. It is certainly looking up and that Blackpool are back with signs that the NAPM (Not A Penny More) protests are due to be lifted soon.

Here’s to a hopefully very soon full Bloomfield Road… UTP

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