Date: 27th January 2011 at 7:05pm
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In the last hour, Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston has given an interview to Talksport in which he criticised the Premier League for fining the Seasiders for fielding a weakened team against Aston Villa earlier in the season.

The chairman also confirmed that the Seasiders are likely to appeal against the decision, and stated that ‘Pool manager Ian Holloway is fuming about it, but that he would not allow him to follow through on his threat of resigning.

Oyston said:

‘I’ve got real difficulties grasping the logic that’s been applied to this on several levels.

‘This game has been turned into a squad game by the Premier League, not us. We’ve named our squad in good faith and we intend to use all of that squad and the manager should be allowed to.

‘It wasn’t that we put players out that weren’t competitive. We lost the game 3-2, quite narrowly.

‘If you win and make changes is that OK and if you lose is that not OK? I think they need to clarify things.

‘We have to nominate 25 players ahead of the season, that’s what we’ve done. If the Premier League think those players aren’t good enough to appear on our behalf then maybe they should tell us that as we nominate them and maybe they should pick our team for us.

‘I think for Ian to even consider resigning when he’s done so magnificently well for us since he was appointed is something that I certainly wouldn’t preside over.

‘I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that Ian stays with Blackpool as long as I can keep him there.’

To listen to the full interview with Karl, click here.

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15 Replies to “Oyston: ‘Pool Set To Appeal Fine”

  • good on ya .. tell them to go ****** themselves and to send there refs to specsavers…. waste of space… the lot of them!!

  • Best to give an interview to the slackjaws that populate TalkMoron, who will not point out the rules, that your club signed up to and agreed at the beginning of the season. Why not let your manager resign in protest, and then you can trouser the cut he would have had when you sell squad player Charlie Adam for a club record fee? That’s the same Mr. Adam who was not good enough to get in the team versus Villa, wasn’t it?

  • To my knowledge I have never tried to purchase a footblah. If I do require something of similar worth I will consult an RSJ specialist at my local builders merchant.

  • charlie adam played at villa , came on in the second half… and the rules dont state the number off players…. the what the arguments about… it states weakened team… and surely that is down to opinion….

  • We signed up to and agreed to the rules at the start of the season that we registered a pool of 25 players, along with a few U21’s, whom we may call upon AT ANY TIME during the season to make up our match-day squad of 18/19.
    We make 10 changes, 25k fine. Arsenal make 8 changes and drop points to a club in peril… nothing. Consistency?

  • did you go to that game… P. Avfc.//// did you think is was a weak side…… did you win 6 nil??? … why would we throw points away , >>>> was the 25 man squad rule in place when wolves were fined?

  • blackpool did what most top clubs do, rested a few players as they have a bit of breathing space from the drop, spurs are the only team in the top 5 that doesnt rotate and it *****es me off cos we have the strength in depth.

  • yes i can put a sentence together , was typing on my phone on a small screen….. is instead of it is not so bad , is it really… and i noticed you never answered my questions….?

  • Wolves gave man utd a good game? It does not matter about this 25 man squad. Did they get fined? What was that? Yes they did? Yes you got it right well done. Mcarthy got fined so holloway gets fined simple as.

  • so why does wenger not get fined then…… he has changed 8 players befor now…. the fine is not important, the principle is… who says who is better than who…. do the fa know our best 11… reguardless u must see the point….. holloway is making a stand against the fa to say the rule is wrong…. and regardless of wolves the rule is a pile of *****e…… forget about teams and who supports who do you think the fa are right?

  • I have not once said the FA are right, and they are not BUT wolves got fined so blackpool should also as it wouldn’t be fair to do one thing and now follow through.

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