Date: 22nd April 2015 at 11:06am
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A first time in weeks the club have spoken, well a statement was at least issued by the Oyston family, warning that continued legal action will be taken if they feel it’s needed.

Frank Knight’s agreement of £20,000 in damages to be paid to the Oyston’s saw online contributors raise this initial target in a matter of days but this case, and the ones against Stephen Sharpe and former Blackpool Trust chairman Tim Fielding previously, aren’t likely to be the last.

An Official Website statement this week has said that, as much as it wasn’t wanted, ‘several further cases’ are pending, these are against fans and one ‘national newspaper’ and ‘reluctantly’ this would continue if felt warranted….

‘Reluctantly, the company has been compelled to take action against a number of individuals and organisations following online postings or articles that contained vile lies and abuse about the club, its directors and players.

‘To date, three settlements have been agreed with several further cases pending against other individuals and a national newspaper.’

Where will this money awarded from the courts or in settlements agreed go? The statement went onto say that this would be ‘anonymously distributed to Fylde and North West based charities.’

The anonymous nature of these donation is being taken to ‘avoid the adverse reaction towards such charities that accept the donations,’ which wouldn’t benefit these good-natured organisations who wouldn’t deserve flack that came their way.

Continuing, the statement said that the £20,000 settlement from Knight would be paid ‘over four years in equal instalments’ with these charities benefiting once the money is obtained by the club with continued legal actions taken for what as said to be ongoing ‘false, misleading stories and lies that are being perpetuated.’

‘For the avoidance of doubt, the club, directors, management staff and players would far prefer not to take any defamation action against any individual or organisation, but must continue to take action where necessary to combat the false, misleading stories and lies that are being perpetuated.’

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