Date: 29th September 2015 at 2:00pm
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Nile Ranger has released an apology note on his twitter account for the many controversies in his career, stating ‘I Should Have Given More.’

Ranger signed for Blackpool under Jose Riga in 2014 but stopped showing up to training in November and hasn’t played for Blackpool since.

Current manager Neil McDonald was prepared to give him a second chance but he failed to attend the start of pre-season training and when he did finally arrive, he was told to leave.

Despite returning to do some training last week, McDonald still doesn’t see a future for the 24 year old at Blackpool.

Though Ranger appears to be trying to make amends for his mistakes, his apology read: ‘I have seen 2 of my good friends pass away in a short space of time, whilst overcoming this it has made me realise life really is too short and I have been taking things for granted.’

‘I would like to apologise to every one at these clubs including management, players, staff and fans. I should have given more and been a better role model.’

‘I would also like to add I am sorry to my current team mates at Blackpool, for being missing for a long period of time and not attending pre-season and putting in the hard work during this time.’

‘Truth be told I’m just a young boy who has been living the dream and playing a game which I do love and miss deeply and hope that one day I will be able to get back on a pitch and play because life really is too short.’

It appears Ranger may have seen the error of his ways, but given his unreliability it’s unlikely McDonald is going to welcome him back with open arms anytime soon.

Should Ranger return or be sacked?

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