Date: 10th January 2011 at 11:33pm
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The January transfer window is most definitely in full swing now with rumours and breaking news coming at us left, right and centre.

The last 24 hours BFC wise have been dominated by the future of talismanic captain Charlie Adam after both Birmingham and Aston Villa had bids rejected for him this morning.

Tomorrow’s Guardian claims that Villa have now improved their bid to £3.5 million for the Scot, ironically the same fee that they are set to receive for Steven Sidwell.

The Guardian claim that the fresh bid will test ‘Pool’s resolve, but in my opinion I think it still falls someway short of Charlie’s true value (which I would put at closer to £10 million).

Indeed, ‘Pool manager Ian Holloway says that the club don’t need to sell Charlie and will only do so if they receive an offer that is right for both the club and player:

‘We have got no reason to sell anyone. We are a well-run club and we want to add in this window, not lose anyone. We have got [Adam] for 18 months on his contract and I told him this morning if one of those top [six] clubs come in then I might have to consider it, but they would have to offer the right amount of money for this club to move forward.’

Despite Adam impressing this season in the Premier League, his potential move to Villa Park has been met with widespread anger by Villa fans who have made comments such as ‘Fuckin Charlie Adam, dear me, are we building a team for the Championship? He seems like a shitter version of Gareth Barry to me, and he’s the sort of player i’d expect teams like Blues, Fulham, West Ham, Wigan etc to be after, although i suppose we’re in the same boat as them now.’

We asked lifelong Villa fan Breton Towler what he thought of the situation:

‘Many people questioned whether or not Adam could make the step up from the Championship. He has proved so far this campaign to be both influential and inspirational in Blackpool’s fight to stay in the Premier League and in today’s market a price tag of at least £7 million pounds would not be far short of a realistic valuation.

‘Villa managed to scrape £3.5 million for a ‘Championship’ level player
in Sidwell so recruiting Adam in our fight to beat the drop would not seem as daft a move as many of the claret and blue army think.

‘Villa are lacking both in numbers and quality. Consequently, signings (particularly in the attacking department) need to be made urgently to ensure Premier League football remains at Villa Park in 2011 and beyond.’

What’s your take on the story? As always, you can get involved in the debate on our forums or in the comments section below this article.


24 Replies to “Villa Make Fresh Adam Bid”

  • I’m sorry, did I just read that right? £10M? HAHA! Seriously? For Charlie Adam? Ashley Young cost us £9.5M! You have not got a hope in hell. £4M would be the max anyone will offer you for him, he isn’t that good!

  • 18 months on contract means his value goes down, im a villa fan …. we had barry .. valued at 22/24 mill, contract whittled down n went for 12 ………. similer ash young right now, was and is when at his best a 26-30mill player, he is now being linked to 12-16mill bids cuz he got 18 months left or so …… contracts are the value . If charlie adam had 3 yrs on it , yh 7-8mill would be fair, but he hasnt, so 3.5mill to 4 mill is good value. Just my opinion

  • Completely agree meakers. But £10M? Even if he had 3 years left on his deal you would be incredibly fotunate to have someone bid that!

  • And have I read that right? You think we got £3.5M for Sidwell? Someone with 6 months left on his deal? It was £250k we got!

  • As a villa fan i rate him. Can pick a pass and score, something our current ‘centre midfielders’ struggle to do

  • but medzy some people would argue we have reserves players who can already do this and are betta than him at it e.g. bannan, delph, gary gardner and i wouldnt swap any of those for him although i think he is a very good player and would help us out bt i just think these three players are exceptionally talented and should be given a proper run in the team

  • In terms of transfer fee, I think £10m is too high a value for him. IMO, he’s worth around £7.5m – to BLACKPOOL. Others will see it as less, but that’s down to opinions. From our POV, we don’t need to sell him, so we’ll only sell if we get a ridiculous offer we can’t turn down, from a team that Adam can make a step-up to – i.e. guaranteed European football?

    As for the point on fees dropping, part of it may be because of contract length but the main reason is the financial climate we’re in. Only a handful of clubs have the finances – and the balls – to make £30m+ bids these days

  • I am impressed with adam, but not 100% sure he is what Villa need. Is he not going to block the progression of Barry Bannan? Our reserves have just stuffed the much lauded Arsenal 10-1. We have qualty youngsters and IMO should only be looking to bring in TOP players instead of them. Charlie Adam is good, and I think £3-4m is a fair price, but I’m not sure we need him although I wouldn’t be disappointed to get him!

  • If houllier wants him that badly then we will get him, no way can blackpool afford to let a player whos contract is coming to an end go on a free. 3.5m is a good offer and like i said if houllier wants him there isn’t no stopping him.

  • hang on….. blackpool have no money problems and dont have to sell him…… and what to say he wont sign a new blackpool contract…. and how do you know he wants to come to villla….. doesnt matter if you offer 10 million if charlie doesnt want to come………. if you get him, u get him , but i would be surprised!…

  • I suspect a deal may be done on Wednesday between Ollie and Kenny Dalgleish after the Liverpool match I expect a player or players plus cash deal to happen.Just watch it happen!

  • i dont think any players will be sold this jan….. midddlesbough bid 3 million for charlie when we were in the championship… you villa fans will be eating your words come the end of jan…. he might leave,,, but not to come to you….. sorry guys… we have the advantage of local news and i def cant see it happening, you would not pay what we would want! and you of all clubs should know… its not good to sell your best players… you sold milner… when you should have been buying better players ….. o neil leaves and now your in a poor league position…… cant see you being 6th this year

  • Hilarious how much rubbish comes out people’s mouths. Think there a big club now they have done a ‘hull’ in the premier league…Got no time for these part time premier league clubs. Pfft.

  • Blackpool Football Club is a financially sound club with wealthy owners unlike Hull City.Aston Villa are chasing Charlie Adam we are not trying to sell him.Unfortunately Villa can t afford Blackpools valuation of him.That is Villas problem why come on this site annoying us P.Avfc?

  • P. Avfc… who has said we are a big club,,,,???? can you read ??? we havent even done a hull yet!!… we know we are a small club… all we are saying is you are not a big one any more….. not won the league for 30 years …. not won the fa cup for over fifty….. get a grip!!…. your the ones dreaming…. we know what we are and not try to fool our selves that next year we will be big again…. i suggest you build a time machine and go back to 1890….. that s the only way you will win anything ..ha ha ha ……….. DREAMER! NOTHING BUT A DREAMER>…………

  • So we are not a big club because we havn’t won anything? Haha jokers. We have been challenging for honours for years and years now and if that is the case liverpool, arsenal or everton are hardly big clubs because it had been time since they won anything. And andrewduncan we can easily afford your valuation for charlie but we simply wont pay it because with a player who has 18 months on his contract left and hardly not a world beater then he is only worth 4.5m max. jacpool i cant even suggest a time machine for blackpool because they have and never will win anything HONK HONK!!!

  • Now let me go talk to other fellow big club supporters (chelsea, arsenal, liverpool, spurs, city, man utd, everton, newcastle) All with good history and ambition! Unlike some premier league part timers.

  • you will be able to chat to the old big clubs next season in the championship….. and arsenal, everton and liverpool are on another level to villa…… and they have won things in the last 30 years … unlike you…… !! u are a mid table club when your playing well….. get back to the real world … leeds are a bigger club than you …. you will be able to swop place with them when they come up….. x

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