Date: 12th August 2006 at 6:29pm
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Was it becuase of the other teams brilliance that we got beat today? Or was it the fact we just aren’t good enough? The latter I’m afraid to say. The visitors today, Rotherham United, played patiently without any great skill or penetrating drive, but managed to win the game as still we didn’t offer anything or even look like winning the game. They were a well organised team, nothing more. But we couldn’t break it down. There were glimpses. Keigan Parker and Was Hoola Hoop when they came on looked bright, although when will Parker learn the offside rule? However, Hoolahan was realied on too much. Everything HAD to go through him it seemed, which is bad management. Shortly after the two attack minded players came on, ‘The Millers’ secured the points when Delroy Facey squared the ball back to Will Hoskins which he slashed home for the points.

We created chances, that’s granted, but dispite this, we never looked like finding the net. Graham and Forbes went close, Graham hitting Cutler in goal after being one on one and Forbes missing the target from 18 yards.

Player Ratings

Rhys Evans – 7
He is an excellent signing. Came for crosses, won the ball. Unlike keepers of past years, and I include Jones in that bracket. Made one very good save in the second half.

Danny Coid – 5
A definate improvement from Marc Joseph, but wasn’t at his best. Gave away the ball several times.

Paul Teirney – 5
Neither full back is given the oppurtunity to overlap I don’t think. Wasn’t great.

Keith Southern – 5
Good tackling. Woeful distribution.

Michael Jackson – 4
This captain does not lead. This defender does not defend. Please tell me, why’s he here?

Shaun Barker – 6
Did well, apart from one mistake, and for the goal he got spun too easily.

Adrian Forbes – 6
Everybody likes a trier. He is one. Not his best game today, but always gives his all. Something the fan expects, but doesn’t always get.

Simon Gillet – 6
Got stuck in. Had patches of decent football. He’s only young, and was thrown in at the deep end. Didn’t give a bad account of himself.

Danny Graham – 5
Should have scored at least once, maybe twice. Improved after half time.

Scott Vernon – 5
Build up play, ok. Hold up play, poor. Everything else, poor. Shame.

Rory Rent-A-Ghost – 4
Lived upto his nickname today. A passenger.

The Subs
Hoolahan did well, along with Parker. Brightened up the place. Can’t really comment on Evatt – played out of position up front.

Manager Rating
Simon Grayson – living his managerial career on very thin ice. We haven’t scored a goal, let alone pick up a point. Who failed to bring in a prolific striker? Who makes the team play negative football? He is a copy of Colin Hendry. Forever remembered as the nice guy who didn’t quite cut it. That’s the way it’s heading. I’m not alone in these thoughts.

Opponent Rating
Alan Knill – Has an organised bunch of players. The better, more tactically aware of the two.

Toronto’s Thoughts….
It’s got to the stage ALREADY that I’m tearing my hair out with anger. It’s just like watching Hendry’s team. I sympathise with the midfield. Their necks must be knackered with all the hoofing (or as the managers like to call it – long ball) that was employed on Saturday. I now raise a serious question over Simon Grayson. Is he the manager that will take us to the next level? I think most know the answer. No. Perhaps we are better investing Belokon’s money into a whole new management set up! There lies another question. Does Oyston want us to progress? I’ll leave that answer up to you.


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