Date: 24th November 2010 at 3:07pm
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It was first reported last week, but today the final I’s were dotted and the final T’s crossed as the Premier League announced that Charlie Adam has won his dispute with BFC over unpaid bonuses.

However, the Premier League also ruled that the club’s failure to pay the bonus did not constitute a repudiatory breach of his contract, and as such, Adam is not free to leave the Seasiders on a free transfer by terminating his contract.

As such, the club’s outlook is that the result is very much a draw, but it is Vital’s understanding that Charlie had no wish to tear up his contract; he just wanted the money that he was owed, and furthermore wanted to ensure that his fellow teammates also get the money they are owed (the decision affects several other players, including the likes of Stephen Crainey).

This latest episode is just the latest in a long line of off the field cock ups by BFC, many of which can be laid squarely at the feet of chairman Karl Oyston.

Whilst The Gazette have moved to assure people that the relationship between the chairman and the players is good, there’s no doubt that this incident has placed a strain on their working relationship, and as such, it is my belief that Karl Oyston’s position as chairman is untenable and that he should resign (again).

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2 Replies to “Adam Wins Bonus Dispute”

  • well… it should never get to this really…. the bonus should of been paid as promised….. we all all know how much charlie loves blackpool( the way he celebrates gives it away).. an we all know how much the the fans love charlie……… not very often we start singing about oyston …… he needs to realise that this could be the start , the start of a good thing for the town and club.. look at the likes of wigan and bolton… but you got to put something in get something out … we are not now trying to get to the premier league.. we are there….. so to maintain it has got to be priority, investment, happy manager, happy players , happy fans… the chain continues…. we have a real chance to prove something here, a real chance to stop the other clubs laughing at us… so lets do it, prove to everyone we have real intentions and ambitons to make this club great…… i may be a dreamer , but someone has to be and i dont think im the only one… UTP

  • You guys are doing really well, would be a shame if a bit of penny pinching undo the great team spirit at the club

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