Date: 20th January 2009 at 10:35am
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The Men In Black feature returns, as Mr Pawson’s first game at Championship level ended in a 2-1 defeat for The Seasiders.

Our members didn’t think much to the debut display from Pawson; one member dubbed him ‘Pawson by name – Poorson by nature.’

Asked to rate his performance out of 10, the majority went with a score of 1, but a couple of higher scores bumped his average up to 1.9.

‘Pawson by name – Poorson by nature. How the hell we still had 11 men on the pitch after a minute god knows, should have seen it, we did and we were miles away.

Not aided by the liners at all, but he seemed to miss free kicks, the handball literally 1 yard away from him and his marching out of 10 yards was comical, oops the goals getting neraer best take smaller steps.’

‘One of the liners was a homer and did not help a poor referee who was also consistent and did some ridiclous bookings.’

‘Poor ref ,too much of a homer and swayed by the crowd and dont get me going about that slaphead liner in the second half!’