Date: 26th February 2011 at 8:22pm
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We all know what Blackpool are like – we never do things the easy way.

A victory today would have seen us on the cusp of safety. Hell, even a draw would have seen us closer to the finishing line and kept Wolves at an arm’s length. Instead, we lost. No, sorry, we got absolutely thrashed.

We seem to have developed a really worrying knack of losing games to the teams around and below us and we simply cannot afford to keep doing that. Wolves were really pumped up today and we weren’t, and if you can’t get yourselves pumped up for a game as big as this then what games are you going to get pumped up for?!

Keith Southern in for the suspended Charlie Adam was the only change to the Seasiders’ starting XI, but I don’t think that Southern had even touched the ball before the hosts were ahead.

A swift Wolves attack was finished off by Matt Jarvis’ powerful effort from inside the area. It was a good move, but the defending could have been better.

Kingson then made a couple of smart saves before DJ was given his marching orders for a clash with Wolves defender Richard Stearman. Although I didn’t see the incident myself, I am assured that it was a justified red card and DJ now faces a three match ban for violent conduct.

‘Pool barely mustered anything in attack all afternoon, but David Vaughan and Luke Varney (who had replaced the unfit Sergei Kornilenko) did go close. Indeed, Varney probably should have scored.

Kingson made another fine stop before a god awful pass by Ludovic Sylvestre allowed Jamie O’Hara to fire home from distance.

There were then some unsavoury scenes in the crowd as Wolves fans threw bottles at the Blackpool fans and a Blackpool fan was taken out of the ground seriously ill. Everyone here at Vital hopes that the fan in question is ok.

Matt Phillips and Brett Ormerod were thrown on, but still the Seasiders offered nothing. Instead Wolves doubled their lead through two simple finishes from Sylvan Ebanks-Blake.

The result moves Wolves out of the bottom three and leaves the Seasiders four clear of the drop zone with Chelsea next.

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16 Replies to “Ten Man ‘Pool Thrashed”

  • Blackpool are my second favourite team, and as a Spurs fan, I would like to congrotulate you on beaating us midweek. You have been a breath of fresh air in the prem. But, when you’re in the big league and play pure, open football, expect to be caught out defensively and expect many thrashings such as this to come, but also expect good wins. Good luck ‘pool!

  • that is the worst game of football i have seen blackpool play for a long time…. lacking in every department… dont mind getting beat,,,, we all know we will sometimes,,, but its about the performance …. and that im afraid wouldnt win you a game in the lower divisions…. lets hope we can pick ourselves up .. and get on with the job in hand,,, to stay in the prem,,,, harewood out on loan, no dj for next 3, GTF injured and no charlie for next 1 …. we may struggle with chelsea home and bburn away,,,,,,!!!!!

  • Worst team to come to Molineux all season. Looking at your results recently – the future doesn’t look so rosey for you lot. Were anything but safe, but our last 10 games are all winnable really. And in our last 4 home games – beat Chelsea, beat United, and now beat you lot. If we would have lost yesterday, you would definitely have been safe and us pretty much down. If only we would have held on last week. Lets just hope for both our sakes Liverpool win today, and Stoke on Monday.

  • thats not a fair comment .. we are not the worst team to come there ….. we had a bad day with ten men….thats like saying we are the worst team in the prem…. and you know we dont usually play like that….. , we are just the same as you.. let a few results get away late on in games…. we would prob be safe now…. in fact , if games were played for 75mins we would be 6th now lol… i know they are not , but just shows how maybe fitness and lack of experience have let us down…. oh well, we all have bad days …. we are still only 1 point behind 10th,,,, so very tight … and we too have 6 home games out of the ten remaining…. and we too have give some of the big clubs a run for there money…. so… bring on chelsea, our side will not be full strength but we will def be going for it …. i think 2 wins to safety….. up the pool !!

  • and to be fair premiership wolf … your future dont look to great!…. we have yet to be in the bottom 3 all season… and i think you will be back in that mix soon…… i def think we have a better chance of staying up than you… as you are already banking on other teams results…. to help u out…. not good when we are in feb…. we will be prem by may… i honestly dont think you will be…. i think u , wigan and wba … may be going down…. the 3 “W s” seem to fav amoungst most people u talk to… but… good luck for the rest of the season….. i think you will need it…… as from on your vital wolves i see your fans have no faith in the your manager…..

  • Honestly, it was a totally fair comment. No team has been so poor at Molineux all season. We didn’t play well yet scored 4!! Could you not tell from the atmosphere for half the game (it was like a library) that the fans were so pessimistic. I even went for 1-2 Blackpool in my prediction pre kick off. You were well and truly awful. And your wins against the big teams were in the first part of the season. Like Hull… Think youve been found out now. Yea you beat spurs mid week. But that was it for you I feel. Only my opinion though… And i’m not having a dig at your club. We are anything but safe, but we have greater quality than yourselves, and the know how to stay in the league. Come May, i still feel us, yourselves, and west brom will go down.

  • i know you werent having a go.. and to be fair we lost our big games .. chelsea and arsenal at the start of the season… we beat liverpool jan and spurs feb… so really its not that bad… to be honest i think wigan are the definates to go… the rest is 2 from 9 lol… even as far as everton , on 33 points in 10th,,,, they all need wins to pull away…. there could be a surprise come may… you never know…. fulham could be an out side bet too…. so, so tight….. and i know we were *****e yesterday,,, but even when we have lost we have never played like that…. not often we dont score either lol……. as i said good luck with the rest of the season…. made my day when u beat man u…. the only club , we not club , but fans that do my head in are villa…. they think they are great….. i dont know why… living in the past if u ask me…. lol

  • “Your wins against the big teams were in the first part of the season” Huh? You just referenced Spurs – are they not a big team? We’ve beaten Liverpool and come close against United this year too! Our last 10 involve a lot of top 10 teams, which, if you bother to look properly at our results, could well suit us.

    Another point – Molineux and its surrounding area must be the worst place I’ve been to watching Blackpool. Scumbag central.

  • Mate, your making yourself look like a turd. We were having a fair chat until you turned up. Toodles.

  • this was our worst performance this season by farOliee got his selection wrong again but I still love him – I wouldnt put it past us to get a draw against Chelski next monday. Thw worst thing for us ia no-one is detached at the bottom. Definately gonna take 40 points to survive this year so we need a couple of wins soon.
    Wolf do you think Stearman should have been booked for the intial flare up against DJ who I am not defending one inch and may create more of aproblem for us missing than Charlie!
    I thought Wolves at Bloomers were a decent side with not enough cutting edge up front.
    My heart tells me three Ws will go down -my head tells me Ive a headache and need a shot of something to make it go away!

  • Why do we do your head in jacpool? Because you thought you were better than us when we were rebuilding? But now we are rising and you are looking up at us? And how do we think we are great? Noone has said that, we have simply stated we are by far a bigger team than blackpool, you could say liverpool and arsenal are small clubs because they havn’t wont anything in a long time and same with newcastle but they all are along with us. Dont wanna go there again anyway, no argument.

  • Hey nunu. I would say Stearman should have been booked yes, but i also feel Baptiste could have got more than a yellow? Your thoughts? I went to Bloomfield and have to say we were truly atrocious. However, home fans and pundits alike said we were unlucky and deserved more from the game? Even Ollie said that too i believe? I and the thousands of away fans must have been watching a different game that day! I’m starting to believe West Ham have too much in the tank to go down, and possibly ourselves too. As long as the baggies lose tonight, I would say their down with Wigan… That leaves the rest to scrap it out… Shame Fulham got a point yesterday 🙁 Not to mention West Ham!

  • Hi Wolf you may be right there about baptiste however I was watching online as couldnt get a ticket and I wasnt available anyway due to family committment.
    I really liked the right back against us at bloomers.
    Ive just done a predictor on the BBC and its not us 2 who go down but there again I thought we might get apoint from you so what do I know!

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