Date: 18th January 2018 at 5:50am
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Blackpool boss Gary Bowyer has spoken to the Blackpool Gazette, to reveal that Blackpool are struggling to compete with their league one rivals in the transfer market.

Bowyer has been working day and night working on his transfer targets, but with the current situation at the club, with the Oystons desperately trying to save money to pay Valeri Belokon and the club currently up for sale, there is no room for Bowyer to manoeuvre.

Speaking to The Gazette Bowyer said:

“From a recruitment point of view, we`re trying our socks off to be perfectly honest in terms of phone calls and finding out what`s available.
“But with the demands of other clubs and what they`re willing to pay, we just can`t compete. It`s as simple as that, so we have to readjust where we shop.”
“We`ve still got one loan available to us, so that`s what we`re trying to get done.
“We had seven players missing against Bristol Rovers. If you look at the calibre of those players it`s a big thing for us and something we`ve got to try to address.”

Things have recently been made harder for Bowyer to get his transfer targets after the departure of CEO Alex Cowdy after the match on Saturday.