Date: 24th April 2008 at 5:08pm
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Yesterday, the Jimmy Armfield petition was completed, as the expiry date was passed on the official Government petition website. The campaign, which reached local media in print and on the radio, as well as worldwide recognition online, was signed by 830 people – which we feel is a decent amount considering the lack of public attention it achieved.

Perhaps the best used publicity that came out of the campaign was the contribution of Blackpool PA Tony Parr, as he told fans all about the petition, and added several hundred signatures onto the online sheet, which can be seen here.

Wilf Brooks – ‘Curryman’ from the forum, and a Yorkshire Seasider – was instrumental in the campaign, as it was his idea originally to try and make this happen, coupled with managing to get the petition on BBC Radio Leeds.

A knighthood nomination form was sent off to London, along with three letters of support from public figures Joan Humble MP, Michael Jack MP, and ‘Sir’ Jimmy’s great friend Sir Tom Finney.

Thankyou to Wilf Brooks, Tony Parr, The Evening Gazette, BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Leeds, all websites who have held a link for the petition during the last few months, and also to everyone who signed the petition!


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  • There does seem to be a lethargy from certain quarters of Pool support, for great causes such as this.
    Many would rather leave it to others.


    Well done to all involved. All we can do now is sit back with fingers crossed.

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